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Generating Actionable Market Knowledge for Sales

Data Governance
Consulting Services

Data Governance Framework to increase CRM & Market Intelligence information value for sales

Apsis-MDM Consulting Services on data governance will identify and develop policies, rules and procedures to govern critical business data for sales, providing:

  • Master data definitions; to stablish data quality level goals for critical marketing and sales information
  • Data entry, data management and data maintenance rules to enhance target markets and clients´ databases
  • Existing data analysis to leverage inactive existing information
  • Data integration and exploitation procedures to create synergies among business units, departments or business ecosystems
  • Reduce costs of data maintenance and reprocessing
  • Establish clear responsibilities among users
  • Create a new culture of the value of information; data as a competitive advantage; as a valuable company asset

Data Services

Database Management Services

Apsis-MDM Data Services will create / enhance and administrate B2B databases to provide actionable market knowledge by providing:

  • Target markets company lists. -Licensing of Apsis-MDM proprietary database- of the Mexican Enterprise Corporate and Mid Size Markets
  • Data management services to assure data quality controls and goals, including:
    • Basic Data Governance Definitions
    • Data integration, data cleansing, data regularization & data maintenance services
    • Data quality reporting and data exploitation through Apsis–MDM Service Portal

Demand Generation Services

Leveraging market knowledge to design and develop demand generation programs and tactics

Apsis-MDM Demand Generation Services will leverage actionable market knowledge by integrating a series of services under a proven methodology to increase sales:

  • Demand generation methodology foundations;
    • Target markets basic definitions and identification (considering official market census indicators –INEGI for México-)
    • Target accounts profile definitions (In Profile Prospects –IPPs- and Tiers)
    • Data base structure definitions –information to support market intelligence & knowledge-
  • Data Services to integrate and manage a customized, reliable & intelligent database
  • Research activities; company profiling to classify target market accounts
  • Marketing supportive services for e-Campaigns and all marketing events’data entries management
  • Telequalification services to detect marketing qualified prospects (BANT methodology)
  • Leads’ Nurturing
  • Leads’ Management –Integration with our customers CRM if necessary-
  • Reporting and analytics

Communication & Marketing Supportive Services

Tailored Target Markets Research Services
e-Marketing & Content Services
Telemarketing Services

Apsis-MDM Research and Marketing Supportive Services include:

  • Data scouting for Latin American countries to identify, obtain, validate and integrate specific target markets databases for niche products or services
  • Data profiling services integrating tailored research surveys for company telemarketing profiling activities
  • Marketing supportive services to assist our clients with:
    • Marketing content translation / localization
    • Marketing e-mailing campaigns
    • Marketing supportive activities for demand generation programs / campaigns; landing pages, microsites, direct mailings, etc.
    • Telemarketing services
      • Data updating services
      • Event confirmation services
      • Profiling services
      • Tele-qualification services

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